Ballers have it all: the girls, the cars, the fame, the glory, but sometimes they lack the hair. Some dudes were blessed with massive fros and wavy locks of greatness, others spend a lot of money on fitteds and beanies. Whether you keep it bald as a cue, try and shape it up, or just go with the IDGAF look, balding is balding.

Wayne Rooney just celebrated his 27th birthday and in light of his well-publicized hair transplant procedure we decided to come up with 20 other athletes who are in dire need of some Miracle-Gro on top of their domes. These men might dominate their various arenas of sport but when it come to the hair department, they come up more than a little short. So, from King James to Matt Hasselbeck, here are 20 athletes who need hair transplants.

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