The McLaren P1 might be a design study, but reports from Autoblog and a couple other sites are saying that this is a car that's in the 90-percent stages of being completed. With that noted, this car is clearly going to be a beast and it looks fantastic. With the goal of being the best driver's car in the world on and off the track, the P1 is much smaller than many of today's supercars like the Veyron and Aventador.

McLaren said it will boast 1,320 pounds of downforce before hitting top speed, and it will have the smallest frontal area than any other supercar. Combine its extremely low weight and its 0.34 drag coefficient, and we might be looking at the quickest production car in the world (not exactly the fastest). When the specs on this thing are finally released, you better believe they're going to blow your mind.