They say time heals all wounds. And, as it turns out, it doesn't matter if those wounds involved one guy chowing down on another guy's ear.

More than 15 years ago, Mike Tyson bit a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear off during a fight. In our books, that'd go down as an inexcusable offense and we'd never forgive someone for doing it. But, Holyfield has seemingly moved on. He's got a new "Real Deal" BBQ sauce that he's been promoting and, to help give it maximum exposure, he's called on Iron Mike to help him promote it, too. They teamed up to do it a few months back. And, now, Tyson has taken to his Twitter account to do some more promo for the "ear-licking good" sauce. Here's what he posted last night:

It seems a little strange to see these two doing business together. But, hey: If it means they're both staying out of debt, good for them. Get your paper, fellas.

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[via Deadspin]