You might not know it by the exterior, but this Mercedes-Benz GL is bursting at the grilles with ultra-luxe styling. We can practically smell the leather from here. Vilner's newest client came to the customizers with a few things in mind for the seven-seater SUV. According to Vilner, he wanted "a 4-seater oasis, where one doesn’t feel the road, immersed in a world filled with high-quality music, relaxing and not feeling the space." 

The result was this gorgeous leather- and light brown Alcantara-clad masterpiece. Vilner replaced the two front seats with fully-functioning mega-thrones and took out the rear row to make a ton of space in the back. A new center console holds a pillar for an iPad. The entire interior was soundproofed, and a four-volume, two-subwoofer, three-amplifier, 31-band Audison system was installed for premium sounds. We have a feeling the owner won't be leaving his driveway for a while. 

[via Vilner]