We watch the NFL for the same reasons people tune into NASCAR. Humans like to see danger live and in stereo. The NFL a.k.a. the No Fun League has gotten softer by the years, but that doesn't mean players still don't try to walk that fine line. Last week we dropped the 50 Most Brutal Hits in NFL History, so we decided to try and determine who are the hardest hitters in the game today. Old favorites made the cut like Ray Lewis and Adrian Wilson as well as new favorites like Clay Matthews and LaRon Landry. One thing is for sure, though. Nobody wants any parts of the hitters mentioned in this list. They send chills through opponents and leave fans praying to the football gods that their favorite player will get up from the ground and still be able to function in society. So, without further ado, check out The 10 Most Brutal Hitters in the NFL Today.

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