On a road trip with a big group, a 30-minute pit stop is not uncommon. Everybody's got to grab some gummy bears and coffee, use the restroom, stretch the legs out, and fill up the gas tank charge up the electric car. Although 30 minutes isn't going to get the job done for something like the Chevy Volt or the Toyota Prius, the Tesla Model S is ready to outpower the competition. Tesla Motors introduced their new Supercharger stations this week, which can charge half of the 85 kWh battery in that short amount of time, giving the driver 150 more miles of cruising range (compared to 16 miles for the Volt in the same amount of time). 

As of right now, six stations are available for use in Cali, but the plan is to have more than 100 running by 2015. A major downfall? You have to stick to a strict path on your trip. 

[via Tesla]