As was to be expected, much is still the same with the new, Mk. VII Volkswagen GTI, and that's a good thing. It's still a very practical hatch-back, it still powers the front wheels with a turbo four, and it still has plaid seats; some things will never change. 

Some things, have changed, however. Power is up to 220 horses, or 230 with a performance pack. Combine this with the fact that the new Golf platform is 220lbs lighter than the outgoing model should make for a noticeably quicker and more agile car. 

Design wise, the interior has been tweaked and looks a bit more driver centric, with the center console being angled towards the driver, and it features the now obligatory massive touch-screen. On the outside it has mostly just been minor tweaks, but the biggest difference is the red stripe that now runs straight through the head-lights. While this is going to look terrible on some colors, white and black GTIs are going to look great.

[via VW]

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