We all knew that a Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive supercar was in the pipeline, but what we didn't know was that the bloody thing would boast 740 horsepower and 738 ft-lbs of torque. That's an astounding 177hp and 259ft-lbs more than the 6.2L gasoline engine. It's as if the SLS AMG ate a VW Jetta TDI in order to gain its power. 

Charging will either take 20 hours from a regular wall socket, or three from a custom speed charging unit. While the added weight of that battery is certainly not good for handling, Mercedes opted to lighten the car significantly using carbon fiber and aluminum in an attempt to make up for it. The company hasn't told us what the net weight loss or gain is though. Judging by that, we'd say it's a porker.

Regardless, we think the biggest piece of news here might be that awesome paint. It's like a Mercedes Silver Arrow and the T1000 had an illegitimate child. Pure sex right here.

[via Mercedes-Benz]

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