Earlier today, we provided you with some footage of 2 Chainz playing basketball in high school. The video—which you can watch above—features him making several plays during a game back in 1995. But, it doesn't really reveal whether or not 2 Chainz was a great player.

So, to try and figure out just how good he actually was, ESPN Playbook tracked down a bunch of 2 Chainz's former teammates and coaches to get the scoop. And, what they found out might surprise you. For example, one of his former teammates at North Clayton High School in College Park, Ga. talks about all the AND 1-esque moves 2 Chainz used to do. His former high school coach compares him to Reggie Lewis and Reggie Miller. A former University of Memphis assistant reveals that, at one time, he was on the school's radar (they didn't end up offering him a scholarship because they thought he was too skinny). And, his college head coach even chimes in and talks about how he didn't know that his former player was a rap star until recently.

All very interesting stuff. Kudos to Playbook for tracking those folks down. You can check out their interviews with them now over here.

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[via ESPN Playbook]