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You can watch a movie in your house, you can watch a movie on a tiny screen in your car, you can ride to a drive-in movie theater, and now, you can project a movie through your car. Introducing the smart forstars, an unconventional new "Sports Utility Coupé" that has an option to link your phone and use your vehicle as one giant projector. It's up to you to find the screen, whether it's a concrete wall inside a parking garage, the side of a barn, or a giant hanging sheet. The name "forstars" draws both from the gigantic sunroof, through which you can gaze at the stars, and the projector, though which you can watch the stars. 

The new technology adds to the wild-looking car, which is fully electric. The styling is a fun exterior, even adding "eyebrows" to the lights, giving the front end an undeniable face. Though it still seats only two, this SUC actually has room in the back to store your stuff. The forstars will officially be unveiled at the upcoming Paris Motor Show

[via Daimler]