It sounds like Roger Goodell is finally done checking his voice mail. A little while ago, the NFL Commissioner jumped onto a conference call with the media to discuss the replacement referees, the end of the referees lockout, and the outcome of the Packers/Seahawks game. Here are just a few of the highlights of the call:

  1. Goodell said, "We're sorry to have to put our fans through that," when asked about the role that the replacement refs played over the course of the first three weeks of the 2012-13 NFL season.
  2. Goodell revealed that he spoke with several Packers players this week and that he understands their frustration.
  3. Goodell admitted that what happened at the end of Monday night's game "may have pushed the parties along further" in reference to the referees lockout (however, he refused to say that it was the "tipping point" for negotiations).

But, the most interesting thing Goodell said was that he still stands behind the call that was made on the field at the end of the Packers/Seahawks game:

We give up. Ha. Let's just move on…

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[via Darren Rovell]