From making bad calls to taking too long to reach a decision, the replacement referees have been accused of a lot of things after only one week in the NFL. But if ESPN didn't uncover the truth about one ref and report it to the National Football League today, the replacements could've hit a new all-time low.

Side judge Brian Stropolo was scheduled to work this afternoon's New Orleans Saints/Carolina Panthers game until the Worldwide Leader in Sports contacted the league this morning to let them know that the guy is a loud and proud Saints fan. How did the network find out, you ask? Well, Stropolo, who happens to be from the New Orleans area, posted pictures of himself (like the above image) in Saints apparel on his own Facebook page. FAIL! Plus, he also lists himself as an NFL side judge on the social media website. FAIL x2! 

If they didn't find out in time, we could've seen that Buffalo Wild Wings commercial play out in real life.   

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[via ESPN]