Ok, sure, we've seen fast and furious family cars before. Mercedes kicked-off the idea of the luxury wagon with the CLS back in 2005 too. However, this is a Porsche, and we've got an undeniable thing for any car with 911 DNA. 

The Panamera Sport Turismo Wagon was unveiled in Paris yesterday as a concept. We're expecting it on roads sooner than you might imagine, the car signaling both an upgrade to the Panamera range and the next logical step in luxury automakers takes on traditional family cars. For our money, wagons are more exciting than SUVs. Yes, we mean that. And, they're also more exciting that crossover vehicles.

Enough blabbering, click the thumbs to check out Porsche's new entry in the making-family-cars-cool sweepstakes.

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[via Car & Driver]