Yesterday, we named Scottie Pippen the greatest sidekick in sports history. And, deservedly so. He helped turn Michael Jordan into one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But, the other night, Pip decided that he no longer wanted to be MJ's sidekick. For once, he wanted the spotlight. So, at his 47th birthday party in Chicago, MJ and Pip did something that we never thought we'd hear about them doing—they faced off against one another.

They didn't do it on the basketball court, though. No, no, no. Rather, MJ and Pip squared off on…the dance floor. Yep, according to a report, the pair engaged in a good old dance-off while guests like Antoine Walker, Nazr Mohammed, and Williams "World Wide Wes" Wesley, and others looked on. Pretty funny, right? And, even funnier: They held their dance-off while the Trey Songz and Fabolous track, "Say Ahh," played in the background.

Oh, please, Internet gods: Let there be video of this soon! We need that in our lives.

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[via New York Post]