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Oh no. Despite the mediocre results he experienced the first time around, Metta World Peace is planning on doing stand-up comedy again! Next week, he'll be appearing at the "Comedy Slam Dunk" show at the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles. And, while it's for a good cause, we're a little bit worried about what he's going to say and do during the course of the show. Why are we worried? Well, apparently he's got a bunch of gay and racist jokes lined up for his portion of the show.

"I have a couple of gay jokes that I'm going to say," he revealed during an interview with ESPN's Playbook earlier this week. "You can tell gay jokes—you just have to be funny. It's like telling black or white jokes. And, I do have a couple of racist jokes—you gotta throw out some racist jokes. There's a difference between being racist and telling a racist joke. Every comedian does it. There's no way around it. Gotta talk about your own race, obviously—I'm going to stereotype black people. You gotta stereotype everybody. Females, too. Hopefully people like it, and people laugh."

This sounds very, very, very dangerous. We're with Ron-Ron on his "every comedian does it" point. But, uhhhhhhh…He does realize that he's not actually a comedian, right? No, really. He's not under the impression that he's a comedian, right? Because, if he is, we have a feeling that "Comedy Slam Dunk" is going to be anything but. Better rethink your material, man.

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[via The Basketball Jones]