James Dolan's love affair with Isiah Thomas is quite scary. Thomas single-handedly led the New York Knicks franchise into a thousand years of darkness during his tenure as President, GM, Head Coach and all-around swell guy. Reports have surfaced that the two pals met yesterday sporting formal business attire. The meeting is a bit controversial because Scott O'Neil resigned two days ago as President of Madison Square Garden Sports. O'Neil has advised Dolan not to touch Zeke with a 10-foot pole because it would hurt the brand—smart man! Maybe the prospect of Thomas' return led to O'Neil's departure? We're just speculating here, but wouldn't it be nice to see Isiah involved with Da Orange & Blue again? That would be the Knicks thing to do, right? They're already Indiana'd down to the socks. Head Coach Mike Woodson and GM Glen Grunwald played with Thomas on the 1981 Indian Hoosiers National Championship team—let's not forget Donnie Walsh's Indy connection either.

Dolan already tried to bring Thomas back as a consultant in 2010, but forgot that Isiah was a fucking college head coach. These two obviously can't get enough of each other.

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