Jigga seldom uses Twitter and when he does, it usually blows up. Today was no different. Not too long ago, the god emcee tweeted out a picture of him laying in the middle of the new Brooklyn Nets logo accompanied with an R. Kelly quote:

So what he only owns one-fifteenth of one percent? Hova was very instrumental in moving the franchise from the swamps of New Jersey into the heart of Brooklyn and is basically the face of the franchise. Just imagine how much he made from that initial one million dollar investment already. The Nets kick off their season against their cross-town rival New York Knicks at "the house that Jay built" on November 1.

The NBA preseason starts on October 5 and the regular season begins on October 30. But if you're like us, you'll be copping that NBA 2K13 next week. 

[via BlackSportsOnline]