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NFL fans were treated to a few amazing sights in Week 1. It wasn't just the Baltimore Ravens' dominance or the fact that Michael Vick had as many interceptions as Chris Johnson had rushing yards. The start of the NFL season also meant that cheerleaders are back, and this year they looked as good as ever.

We aren't going to act as if NFL cheerleaders are a new thingthey've been around since 1954. But every once in a while, it's only right we acknowledge the women who bring some beauty to an ugly game. So, from the gorgeous belles of the AFC South to the vixens of the NFC West, we decided to rank every 2012 NFL Cheerleading Squad to find out who's the hottest.

Disclaimer: We left a few teams out because they didn't have cheerleading squads. Green Bay uses collegiate cheerleaders, while the Lions uses the unofficial Detroit Pride team. Let's hope all teams join the wave.

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