After spending the last four years as the #2 tight end behind Jason Witten with the Dallas Cowboys, Martellus Bennett has finally come into his own as a member of the New York Giants. With 9 receptions, 112 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns in his first two games, Bennett has proven (so far) that he was a worthwhile investment when Big Blue gave him a one-year deal this past offseason. But if you feel as though you don't know about the 25-year-old out of Texas, the New York Times is here to give us a profile on the self-proclaimed "Black Unicorn." 

In one of the more odd revelations, Bennett discusses the time he formed a gang with the sole purpose of taking toys from kids and plotting with his peers to steal ice cream.

Bennett’s enterprising spirit has early roots. In second grade, he says, he formed a gang that dabbled in black-market toy distribution — “we would jump kids and take their toys and sell them” — but was focused on relieving the ice cream man of his wares.

The plan, as concocted by Bennett, was simple: “I would take a dollar and go to the ice cream truck. I would tell a few kids to bang on the other side of the truck. The ice cream guy would turn around and look out that side, then the rest of the kids would run in on this side and grab all the ice cream. When he turned back, I’d still be standing there with my dollar and be like, ‘They went that way!’ It worked every time.”

The memory makes Bennett smile — until he is asked the name of the gang. “We were the Ocean View Gangsters,” he says quietly, sending Siggi into hysterical fits of laughter.

“Ocean View? Ocean View?” she says, struggling to catch her breath. Bennett looks sheepish.

“O.K., the name wasn’t the best,” he says.

At 6-foot-6, 265 pounds, we're pretty sure Bennett wouldn't need anyone else to help him steal from a ice cream truck these days. #justsaying

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[via SportsGrid]