Anybody remember the Oxia concept? It was a little before our time, so we had to look it up, and this is what we found. It was a low-slung supercar-ish concept, named after the Oxia Palus region of the planet Mars, that looked more like some sort of Ferrari kit car and less like anything styled by Peugeot. That was originally debuted in 1988 at the Paris show. Now, nearly 25 years later, the Oxia will play predecessor to the Onyx, Peugeot's new concept, which will also make first bow in Paris. The Onyx runs on a HYbrid4 drivetrain that uses both a 1.6-liter THP four cylinder gas engine and a 120hp electric motor, driving a total of 376 horsepower to all four wheels. 

[via Left Lane News]