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It's the classic mistake we've seen celebrities make on Twitter time and time again: the direct message that accidentally went public. The latest victim is Lance Armstrong, who sent out the following tweet a little while ago:

Hey - you bet. Happy to help. Call my cell 778 384 7520. Take care, L

— Lance Armstrong (@lancearmstrong) September 13, 2012

While the message seems innocent enough to suggest that the conversation he had was not with a groupie, the tweet still aired out Armstrong's number... or did it? After the supposed shocking personal revelation, the brazen folks over at Deadspin decided to call the number and see who responded on the other end. Even though no one answered, the voicemail indicated that the number belonged to someone named Tyson Laidler, who "a quick search reveals to be a recent graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver."

Ironically, in July, the same phone number was sent out from the Twitter account of an individual named Ty Laidler. So, does Lance go by the alias Ty Laidler? And if that wasn't odd enough, the last person this Laidler fellow followed was Lance Armstrong! Where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him?

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