Darrelle Revis has been, hands down, the best cornerback in the NFL the last few years. So, he's earned the right to talk some trash to the wide receivers that he routinely faces. And, that's exactly what he did over the weekend when he found out that Stevie Johnson, the Bills WR that he'll face in Week 1 of the 2012-13 NFL season, said that he has Revis' number on the field.

"If you want to say that, you can say that," Revis said after laughing at Johnson's comments about him. "If you want to pick at something."

But, Revis didn't stop there. He also suggested that he gets bored on the football field these days because so many opposing teams have stopped throwing the ball to his side of the field.

"You're fighting boredom," he said. "One of the things is really fighting boredom out there, because I don't really get the ball thrown to me that much. So, I just got to be prepared at all times and should expect the ball to come at me at any given time…I don't get bored, but you got to be aware of it to make sure it doesn't creep in."

Hmmm…Sounds like the Jets/Bills game next Sunday will be one to watch. As if we really needed another reason to get excited for the return of NFL football.

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[via New York Daily News]