During his time in New York, Carmelo Anthony has made some headline-grabbing statements, which haven't received the warmest of receptions. But yesterday, The Wall Street Journal posted a story on Anthony with an interesting and possibly welcoming header: "Carmelo's Goal: Score Fewer Points." Wait, are we talking about the same guy? You know, the player that averages 24.7 points per game in his career and according to Synergy Sports, worked out of isolation plays more than anyone else in the league at 34 percent.

"I'm tired of scoring 30 or 40 points a game. There's probably going to be times where I have to do it, or I'm in a groove," Anthony said while promoting his Jordan sneakers. "But if I'm doing that night-in, night-out, we're not going to have the balance that we need to win." Again, is Melo actually saying this? So far, it seems as though Carmelo is saying all the right things, especially when the conversation switched to giving Amar'e Stoudemire his fair share of scoring opportunities. "That whole area near the basket? He can have it. It's all his," Anthony said, smiling.  

With the Knicks training camp starting next week, do you think a more passing-friendly Carmelo will be around throughout the course of the season? Or will the 27-year-old eventually revert back to his scoring, ball-hogging ways at some point?  

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[via The Wall Street Journal]