If Allen Iverson had things his way, he'd be preparing for the 2012-13 NBA season right now. But, unfortunately for him, no NBA teams have shown any interest in signing him. So, he hasn't ruled out another option: Playing in the Chinese Basketball Association next season.

"I definitely want to return to the NBA," he reportedly said recently, "but, if I can't get back there, I'm hoping to play ball here [in China]…I'm not leaning towards any one team and there's no 'first choice' like what the others say…China is still one of my choices, but the team that wants me to join has got to show me that they really mean it, like, 'Hey, we really need you.'"

He better not wait too long—or get too picky. At 37, AI's not getting any younger, healthier, or better at basketball. So, he'd probably be best served going the same route Stephon Marbury went and playing in China. Who knows? It might even earn him a statue—provided, of course, he doesn't do stuff like this once he gets there.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]