On Saturday night, around 1,500 fans packed into the Lima Senior gym in Ohio to see one person: Allen Iverson. According to the bill, Iverson was slated to lead the Streetball team against the ABA's Lima Explosion. Unfortunately, though, he never showed up.

While the people in attendance did leave the event slightly entertained by Travis Walton, who led the Lima squad with 31 points in its 131-100 win, the absence of A.I. was both a loss for the fans and may turn out to hurt Iverson, as well. The promoter of the event, Quincey Simpson is claiming that the former NBA player was contractually obligated to show up to the event. Simpson added:

I never had a conversation with Allen Iverson myself, I didn’t need to. I talked to his people and they assured me he was coming. They told me (Saturday night) he was in the Dayton airport. They assured me he was on the road (to here), but I’m starting to think that that was basically a lie. It was very embarrassing.

With the financial troubles that Iverson is currently mired in, the last thing he needs is for Simpson to take legal action. Damn A.I., ever heard of the phrase, "showing up is half the battle"? 

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[via Sporting News]