Ouch. Aaron Rodgers must feel like a real loser right now.

As if it wasn't bad enough that his Green Bay Packers lost to the San Francisco 49ers yesterday afternoon 30-22, now comes the news that A-Rod also lost a bet tied to the game that's going to force him to wear something that'll remind him about the L for the next seven days.

According to TMZ, Rodgers reportedly asked Boyz II Men to sing the national anthem prior to the Packers/Niners game yesterday. And, the group agreed—only after Boyz II Men singer Nathan Morris got Rodgers to agree to a bet. If the Niners lost, Morris was going to wear a Rodgers jersey for the next week. But, if the Packers lost, Rodgers would be forced to wear a Niners jersey for a week.

The Packers obviously lost. Morris won the bet. And, Rodgers will now be forced to wear a Niners jersey until next weekend. So, no matter how banged up Rodgers feels today, something tells us that's one guy who cannot wait for Week 2 to get here.

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[via Shutdown Corner]