First things first. "Thru" is not a word. "Through" is, though. You know, like when you drive through a fast food line to pick up a double-double or a market fresh sandwich or a 20-piece chicken nuggets for only $4.99. We realize it says it on your local McDonald's sign, but that doesn't make it proper grammar. 

A couple weeks ago, we provided you all with a nice list of harmeless, but awesome, car pranks that you can pull on your friends for a good laugh. We thought about doing the same with drive-through pranks, but we came to realize just how stupid, old, or disrespectful most of these pranks are. So, if you're sitting in your parent's basement this weekend, or walking around aimlessly in Walmart at 2:43 a.m. thinking about going to Burger King with a camcorder for a little late night fun, do everybody a favor and fall back. Here are 10 Played Out Drive-Through Pranks.