If the two were to face one another, could the 2012 US Olympic basketball team defeat the 1992 Dream Team? Whether you are the Average Joe or a professional basketball player, past or present, it seems as though everyone has an opinion. For the most part, the consensus believes that this year's Team USA would not only lose, but lose badly. Is the answer that easy? 

It would be difficult to count out a team that sports a roster with future Hall of Famers like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. But we're not going to be crazy and agree with Kobe's proclamation because the Dream Team was, in fact, the better group...but not by much. And we're not just making a gut call here either. We took into account a variety of factors before coming to our final decision. So, read on to see how we arrived to the conclusion that this year's Team USA is not better than the 1992 Dream Team.  

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