Head Coach: Henry Iba
Roster: Bobby Jones (C/F), Doug Collins (G), Mike Bantom (F), Jim Brewer (F/C), Tommy Burleson (C), Kenny Davis (G), James Forbes (F), Thomas Henderson (G), Dwight Jones (C), Kevin Joyce (G), Tom McMillen (F), Ed Ratleff (F/G)
Record: 8-1
Margin of Victory: 28.8
Medal: Silver
Henry Iba returned for his final stint as Team USA's head coach and continued his success at building all-around teams, instead of just fielding the best talent available. He did have two stars in Bobby Jones and Doug Collins, though. With those two leading the way, the US stretched their winning streak in Olympic play to 63 games. They thrashed every team they played by 28 points or more up until the most controversial game in international basketball history.

The US was matched up against their bitter rival, the USSR, in the gold medal game. During the final, the Americans and the Soviets battled until the very end. After a couple clutch free throws by Doug Collins gave the US a one point lead with three seconds left, all hell broke lose. A miscommunication between officials and the scorer's table led to the Soviets having a couple cracks at inbounding the ball which eventually led to them making an uncontested layup at the buzzer for the win. The 1972 team has yet to claim their silver medals.