Head Coach: Gerald Tucker
Roster: K.C. Jones (G), Bill Russell (C), Dick Boushka (F), Carl Cain (F), Charles Darling (C), William Evans (G), Gilbert Ford (G), Burdette Haldorson (F), William Hougland (F), Robert Jeangerard (F), Ron Tomsic (G), James Walsh (G)
Record: 8-0
Margin of Victory: 53.5
Medal: Gold
With the world feeling a little confident from the previous Olympics, the 1956 team made them feel insecure once again. Led by Hall of Fame University of San Francisco (and later Boston Celtics) teammates Bill Russell and KC Jones, Team USA embarrassed every team they faced, scoring over 100 points in five of the eight games. In their first game, America beat Japan, 98-40, and followed it up with a 101-29 win over Thailand. This team was clearly trying to send a message to the rest of the world and they did that by beating teams by an average of 53.5 points. Even the Soviets didn't stand a chance, losing by 30 during their first meeting and then by 34 in the gold medal game. Once the Games were over, the '56 team entered into a college tournament and won that too.