Head CoachHenry Iba
RosterJo Jo White (G), Spencer Haywood (C), Michael Barrett (G), John Clawson (G), Donald Dee (F), Calvin Fowler (G), Bill Hosket (F), James King (F), Glynn Saulters (G), Charles Scott (F), Michael Silliman (F), Ken Spain (C)
Record: 9-0
Margin of Victory26
Medal: Gold
For the first time in Olympic basketball, Team USA were considered to be underdogs because of two losses suffered at the hands of the Soviets and Yugoslavia during a European tour. What people were forgetting was the fact that the US didn't have their coach Henry Iba, their point guard Jo Jo White, or their power forward Bill Hosket present for that tour. But, they sure were present for '68 Summer Games and they brought somebody else with them, too.

America's secret weapon was a big, burly 19-year old by the name of Spencer Haywood. He was the youngest player to ever be named to a US Olympic basketball team. With Haywood anchoring the middle, Team USA made their way through some tough competition. They squeaked by Puerto Rico and Brazil while beating Yugoslavia twice—once in the gold medal game and each time by 15.