I'm actually kicking myself for not recording this kid earlier. The original Lamborghini SUV, the 1990 LM 002-A, was sitting early in the lineup at the Quail, and is a vehicle that this little bugger had never seen before. Naturally, the vehicle's awkward stance and surprising (for the unexpecting/unknowing) Lambo badging threw the kid into a wave of shocking excitement. Before his dad came over, and before I hit that good ol' record button, this kid kept yelling, "That's a Lambo!? It doesn't even LOOOOK like a sports car. It doesn't even look like a sports car! This doesn't make sense!" I'm talking about full-on arm motions in disbelief. 

So, when the chap started inspecting the car further, and when his dad came over, I started filming the hilarity that was unfolding. He didn't disappoint. Despite his father giving zero shits about the Lambo SUV (he was busy chatting), the little guy is persistently informing the world that this car is SOOOOOO rarrre. Like, it's sooooo rare. Lambos are really rare... Hopefully it's not just a "funny when you were there" type of thing, but it if its, then I'll continue to enjoy the off-screen insight of a little man.