On Thursday, the United States Women's Soccer team defeated Japan 2-1 to take the gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics. After the final whistle was blown, the squad donned a celebratory shirt that caused some controversy. The Nike-created tee said "Greatness Has Been Found" and while the shirt does embody the sports apparel company's "Find Greatness" initiative that has been shown throughout the course of the Olympics, people aren't too happy with the display.

Some people believe that the shirt is an arrogant display, especially Canadian soccer writer Jerrad Peters of The Score who had this to say:

USA players have donned t-shirts reading "Greatness has been found." That, in a nutshell, is why no one outside the US likes them.

— Jerrad Peters (@peterssoccer) August 9, 2012

Maybe we're playing devil's advocate, but after winning their third-straight gold medal, the U.S. Women's soccer team is pretty damn close to greatness. #justsaying     

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[via SportsGrid]