Despite the rough start he endured against the Steelers on national TV last night—he threw two picks during the preseason game—the expectations for Andrew Luck are still extremely high. The guy is going to be one hell of an NFL player sometime in the near future.

However, his future as an artist is not quite as bright. Recently, he did this sketch of Lucas Oil Stadium and, as you can see, it blows. Like, we're pretty sure your kindergartener could do better.

Then again, maybe we're wrong. Because, despite its supreme suckiness, Luck's sketch just sold for a ridiculous $1500 on eBay. So, who knows? Maybe we just don't have an eye for talent. Or, maybe Colts fans just have a lot of extra spending money these days. Either way, we'd still advise Luck to stick to his day job.

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[via theScore]