Last year, LeBron James joined the Fenway Sports Group and purchased a small stake in the Premier League soccer club Liverpool FC. So, when Kevin Garnett agreed to purchase a minority share of the Italian soccer club AS Roma back in December, he probably didn't think he'd run into any problems. He thought wrong.

KG, who is a huge soccer fan, was just blocked from buying into the team by the NBA because Boston Celtics co-owner James Pallotta also owns part of the AS Roma club. The league maintains that they're blocking KG because it could cause some legal ramifications somewhere down the line.

"If you enter into a business agreement with the owner of a team that doesn't involve playing service, there are potential problems," a league source said. "Maybe not in this case. But, there is a chance of, say, making a contract a lot larger."

So, for now, KG can't buy a soccer club. But, LeBron can. Hmmm...Seems fair, right? Oh, NBA.

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[via Dime]