Are you a snob that doesn't like to go camping in a basic pop-up camper or a tent? Then we found the perfect mobile home for you. This Mehrzeller multi-cellular caravan incorporates modern style into your on-the-move living lifestyle. The main point is that these are part of personal mass customization. 

"Using our Configurator, we set up a design that is unique for our customers, including their own layout that they can identify with," Mehrzeller explains. "The configuration is generated by a computer using the customer’s inputs, and then the final design is done by parameters from the architects to yield an attractive and practicable result." 

The exterior might look like something you'd see under a microscope or on a 5th grade math computer lab game, but the interior of this thing is extremely attractive. The luxurious inside has an open, bright atmosphere, but is still able to fit a few spots for sleeping, a sink, a dishwasher, a dining table, and a flat-screen TV. 

[via Mehrzeller]