The '80s were marked by a myriad of abominable music videos by NFL teams, and it all started with the popularity of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." The '85 Bears song is the only hit single made by a team of any sport, but it's debatable if that's even a true achievement. This song was so cheesy that is may have damaged the credibility of athletes-turned-musicians everywhere. Walter Payton is one of the best running backs ever, but far from the best rapper. "Samurai" Mike Singletary's verse is a struggle as well.

Nobody can really be too mad at this though. The Bears were having one of the best seasons ever (they were 15-1 and went on to win that year's Super Bowl), and fan Richard “Dick” Meyer wrote, produced, and choreographed the song to celebrate. Plus, the team donated $300,000 off the single's profits to help support needy families in the Chicago area. Mediocrity for a good cause.