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The road is an extremely frustrating place. In addition to terrible pavement, uncoordinated stop lights, and restricting speed limits, stupid drivers are sure to be abundant on every trip you take. Whether it's a six-hour drive back to college or a two-minute quickie to the post office, idiots always find a way to make your experience less efficient and more irritating. When you run across these type of people, the situation can go a few ways: You, like we do, can curse at the driver and flip him the finger within the comfort of your vehicle, you can wreak havoc by using your car as a weapon, or you can get out of the car and personally confront the one messing up your day. This list is about those last two. 

Road rage is real, it's daily, and it's either utterly hilarious or kind of scary. We've collected 50 of the best the Internet has to offer and the videos are chock full of fistfights, profanity, baseball-bat wielding nutjobs, and bumper-kicking mad men. And for some reason, many are set in Russia. See for yourself and click through The 50 Craziest Road Rage Videos.

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