We like the Mazda MX-5/Miata. If you're sitting at home making crass gay jokes at our expense right now, you can go stick a porcupine up your ass. The Miata is a brilliant sports car, and the only modern successor to the lightweight British roadsters of yore. 

The 2015 Miata will be engineered with customization in mind, much like the Mini Cooper with its insane options list. The Mini has 10 million possible configurations and, as we just discovered, one of them costs $61,475. If BMW has come up with a way to offer $40,000 of accessories on a $20,000 car, we can see why Mazda might want to as well.

That's not the only good news regarding the next gen Miata; it will also weigh 220lbs less than the current model and featurea 200hp turbocharged engine. We're excited.

[via WhatCar?]

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