2013  Lexus GS 350 F Sport
Price Driven: $61,204
Power: 306 hp, 277 lb-ft.
Engines: 3.5-Liter V8, Direct Injection
Fuel Consumption: 19 city/26 highway

First impressions are important.

From curb level the all-new Lexus GS has a certain "it" factor. Its muscular, yet sleek. Refined, but with a powerful stance. A head shake wouldn't be out of the question. "Is this a Lexus?" not an unquestionable response.
In previous incarnations, the Lexus GS simply hasn't inspired. The brands answer to the Audi 6 and BMW 5-series didn't have the looks to confidently shoulder up to its competitors. Enter the 2013 Lexus GS. Pulling from the LFA supercar, it's got a new chassis and a new spindle grill. Read: new looks, new performance, new Lexus.
We took the GS 350 F Sport from New York to Delaware. It blasted through the dull Jersey turnpike, hitting 60 in under 6 and entertaining with robust stereo system. All was cool. 
Once off-highway, the fun began. The twisting roads surrounding Route 52 provided perfect test terrain for a car built to rival the BMW M5. Sharp handling and a smooth ride. We felt, for a moment, like real drivers. And, that's the point. Lexus has designed a car enthusiasts can get excited about and that everyday drivers can get in and, yup, feel like enthusiasts themselves. It has a "wow" provoking pickup and a sharpness of steering that gives anyone confidence to push it just a little.
This is a mid-sized sedan that hits the asphalt with assurance. A strong step forward for Lexus and an undeniably fun drive regardless of badging.

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