It's been awhile since we talked about Stephon Marbury. Why? Well, because he's been hanging out over in China, winning championships and having statues erected in his honor. So, we were a little surprised to see him randomly pop into the news yesterday when he sent a short email to GQ along with some photos indicating what he's been up to in China. Apparently, his bronze statue has been finished (peep the thumbs to see a photo of him standing next to it) and he also had a book written about him recently as well (peep the thumbs to see a photo of a baby reading it because, you know, kids love Starbury!). Here's what the email said:

"GQ, What's up! How are you? This is Stephon Marbury. I wanted to send you some pictures from China. After winning the championship in China they had a million people vote in a week to build a statue because I couldn't win MVP by the CBA rules. They placed the statue on the lawn of the 2008 olympic basketball arena. I also did a book deal with the Beijing publishing group. I just wanted to shere this with you because you saw the turn around from one point to another. Be well and take care. Love is Love!"

Wow. How awesome is that? And, how awesome are Starbury's letter-writing skills? So polite! But, seriously: It's good to see this guy turning his life around, even if it's not here in the U.S.

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[via GQ]