Starting next season, there will be two NBA teams representing New York City: the Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. That means plenty of New Yorkers will need to decide whether they want to stay in blue and orange or switch to BK's black and white. How about the most dedicated Knickerbocker fan of all time, Spike Lee? Michael Powell of The New York Timesinterviewed Spike and asked him where his allegiance lies these days.

"I wish I had a dollar for every time people ask me that—I could finance another film,” he says. “No, no and no. Can’t do that. Can’t. I am orange and blue, baby. Orange and blue. My son is going to be orange and blue, and his son after him. And they are going to bury me in these colors.”

After all the years of heartbreak and headache, did you expect Spike to just switch to the Nets just like that? That's just taking the easy way out.   

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[via The New York Times]