You would think that it would have taken a lot less time to track down this stolen car. If a 1995 Accord goes missing it will blend right in, but when it's a one of four 1962 Ferrari 330 LM-B, it's not going to blend in to anything, anywhere. Somehow though, it has taken 35 years for information on the car's whereabouts to get back to the owner. In that time, things got complicated. 

Ivars Blumenau bought the 330 LM-B from an Atlanta dealer named Donald Fong. He also stored the car with Mr. Fong. Police documents show that the car was stolen in 1977, but they also incorrectly show Fong as the owner. Apparently Fong told the police that he was the owner of the vehicle. It hadn't actually been stolen, rather, it had been sold to a third part while Fong and an accomplice kept the money. 

The car was then sold several times to owners in Chicago, Germany, and the Netherlands. It even once sold at public auction without incident in 1989 for $4.7 million. It was even displayed at Pebble Beach and at the Blackhawk Museum

In the '90s, Samsung chairman Lee Kun-Hee bought the car as an investment. To complicate matters, the Samsung billionaire and Blumenau both have some sketchy incidents in their past. Lee was imprisoned for bribery and Blumenau has been baned from the NYSE for refusing to explain why he was discharged from a different organization.

So far, Blumenau has enlisted the Atlanta Police, the FBI, and INTERPOL in his crusade to get his car back.

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