Rob Gronkowski spent his NFL offseason worrying about everything except football. Okay, okay, so we're sure he spent plenty of long hours on the field getting ready for the 2012-13 NFL season. But, he didn't do it so that he could build on his great 2011-12 campaign. No, he did it for a much different reason—to live up to what he calls the Gronkowski family's "training motto."

"Do it to get chicks!" he told Sports Illustrated recently.

Gronkowski, who appears on the cover of SI's NFL preview issue (peep the thumbs to see the cover), also talked about why he seems to be out and about so often these days. And, he had a very simple explanation for that, too.

"People say, 'He's doing way too many things,' but [I do them] because I got nothing to do," he says in the issue. "That's why I hit up every charity event, why I hit up every party I'm invited to. If I'm just sitting at home, that's not productive. That's boring. I like going out, meeting new people, having a good time. I guess that's why I'm all over the papers. I don't have any girlfriends, no kids. Basically, I work out two hours every single day, and then I have 12 hours to do whatever I want."

Totally, bro. And, you definitely make the most of those 12 hours. Now, let's just hope you don't suffer any setbacks this season that'll force people to take exception to that outlook.

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[via SI Now]

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