Reggie Bush is no longer in possession of the 2005 Heisman Trophy. Awhile back, Bush was ordered to return the trophy when the Heisman Trust vacated the award after Bush was found to have taken gifts from a sports agent during his playing days at USC. But, it was unclear whether or not he'd ever gotten around to returning the Heisman until yesterday when he appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and admitted that he had given the controversial trophy back.

"The Heisman Trust has it in their possession," a spokesman for the Trust confirmed late yesterday.

During the interview with Dan Patrick, Kim Kardashian's former flame (isn't it kinda crazy how that's what Bush is most well-known for now?) also said that he has absolutely no desire to ever return to USC, the school that struck his name from all their records after the NCAA investigation into them and Bush.

"I haven't wanted to go back," he said. "I don't feel like that's an issue. Even if it was, I wouldn't go back."

Okay. Now that that's done, is Reggie going to finally have the breakout season we've been waiting for him to have ever since he started in the NFL? Guess we'll see in a few weeks. We wouldn't count on it, though.

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[via ESPN LA]