It's no secret that when LeBron James fled Cleveland for Miami a few years ago after The Decision the people of Ohio hated him. They burned his Cavaliers jerseys, ripped apart his posters, and even made death threats against him. But, these days, cooler heads have seemingly prevailed and it's okay for King James to go home again. Case in point: He made an appearance at an Akron Aeros minor league baseball game yesterday to promote his Wheels for Education nonprofit organization and was greeted by hundreds of cheering fans.

Now, that doesn't mean that some Ohio residents don't still hate him. During a short speech that he gave, the microphone James was using cut out several times. And, that promoted a pair of fans sitting behind the Aeros dugout to yell "Traitor!" while James waited for the microphone to start working again. Still, that's a far cry from thousands of fans yelling it at him during his first game back in Cleveland following The Decision.

So, maybe Bron-Bron is finally in the clear in his home state? Er, yeah—at least, as long there aren't anymore microphone malfunctions in his future.

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[via Akron Beacon Journal]