Belarus shot putter, Nadzeya Ostapchuk, was stripped of her gold medal after not one, but two of her drug tests came back positive. Her test results that were taken before and after her event revealed traces of the steroid metenolone. News came out just moments after the closing ceremonies and by the looks of her, we're not too surprised. The Belarus Olympic Committee must return her gold medal, diploma and medalist pin as soon as possible. So far, this has only been the first case of steroid use, but the second case of an athlete using a banned substance—U.S. judo fighter Nick Delpopolo was disqualified after marijuana was found in his urine.

The IOC warns that more samples are still being tested and news will come out during the next few days if any of those tests come back positive. Let's hope not.

This reminds of that scene from "Dodgeball" when the girl scouts were disqualified because of doping. Damn you, Nadzeya!

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[via ESPN]