The young man whose initial accusations against Jerry Sandusky prompted the investigation that uncovered the former Penn State football coach's decades of child sexual abuse has sued the school. The suit, filed last night in Philadelphia, cites the university's "deliberate and shameful subordination of the safety of children to its economic self-interests, and to its interest in maintaining and perpetuating its reputation."

The young man, known as "Victim 1" during Sandusky's criminal trial, reported the coach to authorities in 2009. Sandusky was found guilty of abusing the boy more than 100 times between 2005 and 2008, years after accusations of Sandusky's behavior had been brought to the attention of Penn State authorities, including revered head football coach Joe Paterno. It's thought that more of Sandusky's victims will sue the school, with total settlements expected to reach into the hundreds of millions.