It's no secret that some NFL players out there hate NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Thanks to his no-nonsense approach to disciplining players, he's become Public Enemy No. 1 in a lot of their eyes. But, isn't this taking things a little too far?

Recently, Brother Jimmy's BBQ in Miami put up the sign that you see above to alert waiters and waitresses at the barbecue joint not to serve Goodell if he ever happens to wander in. The reason? Well, the restaurant is owned by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, who was suspended for one full season recently because of his alleged role in "Bountygate," as well as fellow NFL players D.J. Williams (Denver Broncos) and Jon Beason (Carolina Panthers). And, it's not a joke, either. Supposedly, the signs are posted all over the place inside the restaurant to let the staff know not to help Goodell.

That seems a little petty to us. But, hey, it is their restaurant, so the players can do whatever they want. Just don't be surprised when you hear that Goodell suspended them for it. Ha!

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[via Shutdown Corner]

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