So, who's in the Los Angeles Lakers' starting five next season? We got Kobe, Nash, Dwight, Pau and "an overly sexual vampire." Don't worry, that isn't what Metta World Peace wants to be known as these days, or at least, we hope not. Instead, the Lakers forward has signed on to join the cast of a spoof show called "Real Vampire Housewives" as an overtly sexual vampire elder.

The show's writer and director Andre Jetmir said that when World Peace's name was brought up in the cast, the response was "yes in an instant." Jetmir went on to say that "Metta is perfect as a vampire; he is physically intimidating in an Alpha-male way, very charming, a little mischievous and he has a raw sexuality I think most actors try to find when they play a vampire." We're oddly interested in seeing MWP's acting chops, especially in a role as insane as this one.  

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[via Ball Don't Lie]